Testimonial 1

I have been using the services of UNIGLOBE Utopia Travel since 2004. The team has access to a range of technologies helping them retain a travel profile for my family and me so that no preference is ever missed. They are a team of destination specialists bringing first-hand knowledge and recommendations.

Testimonial 2

We are very happy with the services of UNIGLOBE Utopia Travel as our travel agent since 1999. We appreciate their professional approach and the support extended by the team 24*7 and look forward to their continuous support.

Testimonial 3

Utopia has always given us the best of service since 2007. They handle our entire travel arrangements like ticketing, hotel bookings, visa application, passport issuance etc. We are immensely satisfied with Utopia and will definitely continue with them as our trusted vendor.

Testimonial 4

Utopia has been serving us for more than 14 years, and we are immensely pleased with the association. As someone who travels a lot to the west with multiple side journeys, I simply depend upon the expertise of UNIGLOBE consultants to help me with complex itineraries. They are fast and proactive and also take care of my travel preferences and loyalty programs while finding me the best fare options.

Testimonial 5

The best part about being a client with UNIGLOBE Utopia Travel is their technology proficiency. With their web-based tool, we benefit with extremely fast response times as we can self-search flight options without having to wait for replies to emails or phone calls.

Testimonial 5

CEPT University is pleased to receive services of Uniglobe Utopia Travel since 2013 to manage our 24 x 7 travel desk and provide all travel related service for CEPT Staff and guests of the University. During this time, the university has been quite pleased with the service and hospitality offered by them. Their staff is courteous and pleasant. Any queries / issues have been resolved promptly. It is a pleasure to work with them and we are happy to state that they have met with our expectations.

Thank you

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